Happy new year from the Barefoot MBA! 2017 marked our tenth anniversary, an important milestone to reflect on how far we’ve come in a decade. (See below.) It gives us great joy to know the Barefoot MBA is now nearly self-sustaining. It gives us almost as much joy to know how it’s being used. Please […]

Tenth anniversary

This week marks the tenth anniversary of our first Barefoot MBA pilot. A lot can change in ten years – progress, priorities, partnerships. And a lot can stay the same. In addition we still need help, especially with this site, partnership ideas and adaptation opportunities. Here’s what’s changed: Progress: When we boarded a plane to […]


Happy new year! Ten years ago this week the seed for the Barefoot MBA was planted. Though our updates to have been less frequent, our mission continues. As always, we welcome updates on how you’ve used or hope to use our materials. If you’d like to help, or know someone who might, please e-mail us […]

Fifth anniversary

Five years ago this week we piloted the Barefoot MBA with villagers near Lamplaimat, Thailand. The world has seen plenty of progress since then: Five Nobel Peace Prize winners. Two new countries. The birth of the world’s seven billionth baby. The Barefoot MBA has seen plenty of progress since then too: eight published adaptations in […]

2011 in review

Happy new year. This January update is our fifth since the Barefoot MBA became an idea to teach basic business to anyone, anywhere. That idea quickly became a curriculum, and that curriculum continues to touch every inhabited continent. Thanks largely to our partner organizations, we’ve reached tens of thousands of participants. And our numbers continue […]

Fourth anniversary

Four years ago this month we first piloted the Barefoot MBA. Since then we’ve expanded from 1 country to 12 (that we know of), 2 creators to countless partners and volunteers. We’ve reached people on every inhabited continent, including thousands of participants. Some of their stories are below; many don’t reach us. And we’re still […]

2010 in review

Four years ago this week we conceived of the Barefoot MBA idea, determined to create a workable curriculum for the Thai social enterprise that inspired our work and wondering aloud what our creation would look like in Africa, where we saw indisputable need but no opportunity to make it there. In 2010, we made it […]

Rwanda: Field teaching and farewell, but only for now

ATOP A HILL NEAR NDERA, Rwanda — The members of the Komara cooperative arrived at today’s Barefoot MBA workshop by foot, some walking more than three hours to arrive at the health center we used as a classroom. They’d been asking for basic business training for a long time. After Sunday’s brief introduction, the field […]

Rwanda: Ready to teach the cooperatives

NDERA, Rwanda – The field officers spent a full day training today to prepare for their pilot sessions at the cooperative tomorrow. Today we used two trainers. Evas, who helped Sunday translate the Barefoot MBA and has experience running other trainings locally, this morning taught the remaining four lessons that will become part of Gardens […]

Rwiyemeza mikimo w’ikirenga utagira n’inkweto

NDERA, Rwanda – We dived straight into lessons here at Gardens for Health International (GHI): six Barefoot MBA topics for GHI’s field officers and a little Kinyarwanda for me. Sunday, GHI’s program associate, facilitated both. Today was the first day on the job for the five field officers, whose energy brought to life their afternoon […]

Barefoot MBA goes to Africa

Two groups in Africa have invited us there to implement the Barefoot MBA. Katherine has been working remotely with them to adapt our materials and will travel to Kenya and Rwanda to visit markets and gardens, meet teachers and students, and run workshops. Kenya: Maker Faire Africa Maker Faire Africa describes itself as “a celebration […]

Rwandan adaptation

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Gardens for Health International, an organization in Rwanda that helps people living with HIV / AIDS improve their nutrition and health through low-cost sustainable agriculture practices. GHI, which counts an Echoing Green fellowship among its accolades, enables its constituents to form small business cooperatives and access arable land. […]